The ultimate fun paradise on our doorstep!

Children playing
Kids on the play area

Discover the first-class play area at the family hotel

Our large adventure play area, Pletzi's Activity Park guarantees action and fun right in front of the hotel. On a 700 m² outdoor area, the kids can really let off steam and improve their motor skills:

  • Motor skills and climbing routes: The course provides fun for old and young! Along the way, it promotes the children's skills in terms of balance, coordination and concentration.
  • Trampoline: Kids can bounce, jump and express their childlike effortlessness on the large trampoline.
  • Rope Swing: Threaded in a row and off you go on your shared swinging fun!
  • Football and Basketball court: A small football match or a tournament for all out little guests - here the ball sport is celebrated with joy.

Pletzi's Activity Park ensures huge amounts of recreational fun. Children's glistening eyes will await you when your children have fun in the playground with its motor skills park and demonstrate their skills while you relax on our terrace.

Bursting with happiness on the new playground.

To the breathtaking adventure landscape of the Tyrolean mountains, we add a few extra play areas - both in- and outdoors. Right behind the hotel, the kids can  go climbing up to the tree house high in the chestnut tree and have fun on the swings and slides. And the little ones shout with joy  in the nest swing or on the Bobby Cars.

But, the tension is rising and the countdown is on! Because from summer 2020 adventurers big and small can expect the 700 m² outdoor play area with multifunctional area, motor skills, trampoline, soccer and much more. - The line-up ensures a lot of leisure fun. Brilliant children's eyes await you when your children demonstrate their pleasure.

NEW: Pletzi's Activity Park

Since summer 2020, big and small adventurers can expect another highlight right in front of the hotel, the 700 m² outdoor play area with multifunctional area and many great activities:

  • Motor skills and climbing route
  • Trampoline
  • Sports field for basketball and soccer
  • Exchange swing
  • and much more

The new Pletzi's Activity Park ensures a lot of fun. Brilliant children's eyes await you when your children demonstrate their skills at the motor park while you relax on our terrace.

Indoor play area at the family hotel

Das Hopfgarten Familotel Tirol also has a 90 m² indoor play area where kids can run around in bad weather. In addition to this, a 70 m² supervised children's play area is also available.

The atmosphere at Das Hopfgarten is relaxed and open. We enjoy it when children's laughter, games and fun fill our hotel! This atmosphere guarantees a relaxed holiday mood for old and young.

Play area on the local mountain, the Hohe Salve

If your kids want to enjoy a play with breathtaking panoramic views, then they should definitely visit the huge play area on our local mountain the Hohe Salve, which is high over Hopfgarten. While the kids climb and run around, mum and dad can enjoy the unique view of over 70 three-thousand-metre peaks in the Alps.

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What advantages does a hotel with a play area have on a family holiday?

A hotel with a children's play area enables the uncomplicated, witty activity of children. Instead of constantly visiting new destinations, parents and children can take a relaxing break at the playground. Here, the little ones, often meet other guests, which provides even more fun. Look out for a modern playground that meets your expectations and the highest safety standards.

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